I wrote my first creative fiction in the 4th grade. The teachers did not consider me a good student, to say the least. During class, one day, the teacher told us to write a paragraph describing a scene. My paragraph went something like this.

"We paddled the canoe down the river. The trees along the river bent over us like a tent. The trees opened up to show a pond  beneath a waterfall. The water beneath the falls turned white from the force of the falling water."

The teacher donned a look of surprise when she read it. You know I wondered if she would send me on another trip to the principal's office. Looking back on this leads me to believe that I have some natural writing ability. However, to write well, to be a writing professional, you need to write a great deal. I earned a masters degree that required I write, and write, and write, and discovered that I love writing.

My career spanned 40 years in marketing, which included writing copy and strategic marketing plans, but they are not the same as writing fiction. With science fiction you can let your imagination go to unknown places.You can create new people, new worlds, and new technologies. On other words, it's like being a kid again.

"Your craft is a muscle. You must develop it through the exercise of daily writing."

-Rachel Grove, Blurb Founder

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