You will find this easy to believe. When I left NORAD and the Air Force, no companies were looking for people that could track aircraft and scramble interceptors on unknown aircraft—UFOs too. This means I had no marketable skills to offer a private business.
Then something remarkable happened.

Procter and Gamble hired me. At the time they were the world’s top marketer. It turned out great because I loved marketing and sales. It's fun, and I stayed in the discipline for four decades.
My career included working for prestigious Fortune 500 companies in the beginning. Then switching to small and medium-sized businesses. The real fun began when I started and ran two successful enterprises.
The tasks were enjoyable and helped clients grow. For instance, I wrote business strategy plans, plans for marketing strategy, and advertising copy. All of these helped small businesses rebrand, improve, and expand
You know business methods change. This is especially true in marketing. The internet changed that. We went from the confines of print-only  to the mind boggling and wonderful anything-goes internet.
This means copywriting had to change and adapt. To address this, I earned graduate degrees in strategy and marketing. This knowledge allows me to serve clients better.
More importantly, I earned two necessary certifications.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Neuromarketing Methods

These two skills pay huge dividends for modern marketing.
                    Mission (What I Do)
My mission is to help businesses grow and market profitable. The best way to grow is to market well. Part of marking well is to have great messaging. That can be in the form of presentations, advertising copy, and website content.
Nothing is more satisfying than helping people grow their companies. When you help businesses grow, you help create jobs.

Products and Services

  • Copy for advertising your products and services

  • Content for your website
  • Keyword research

               My Story

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Quote of the day.

"Your craft is a muscle. You must develop it through the exercise of daily writing."

-Rachel Grove, Blurb Founder