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Shadow Invasion

Hello: my name is Richard Hendricks, and most people call me Rick.   

At eight, I read Ray Bradbury's Illustrated Man, and it created a love of science fiction in me.

Science fiction allows you to create new worlds, new technologies, and even new people. You can invent new ways of doing things by extrapolating current science into the future. 

As I get more accustomed to using this website, I'll try to bring you interesting and fun information.


​​​​​Elevator 37 is a action thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The story takes place in 2186. Humanity  developed MESH, Mind Enhancing System Housing, a global network of computers that allows us to communicate with anyone, any time, via a device implanted in our brains. Also, we have Lifebots that that keep us alive indefinitely. Thom Stanton, the possibly paranoid and definitely dangerous protagonist, is 237 years old. His wife and fellow operative, Elizabeth Stanton is 235.

When an aqueous donut appears five miles above the Earth's surface, Thom gets called back into TAG, a special operations unit. Less than a half-hour later, the attempts on his life resume.  To see the first chapters, free, follow the link below:


Elevator 37

How will technology affect us? Will Artificial Intelligence take over the human function? Will alien races conquer earth? Will space travel lead us to new inhabitable planets? So many questions to ponder.


Can your pen keep up with your brain? Masterful phrasings are like fireflies: one must capture them immediately or risk chasing and losing sight of them forever.   

Science Fiction Writer